Unfinished Business: PAX East, FPS Fatigue and RPG Overload

Unfinished Business is a regular feature that finds the VGW Collective exploring the backlog of games they’ll be devoted to over the weekend. Beyond just exploring our stack of shame, we’ll occasionally examine why these games have been relegated to our backlog. It’s part of our mission to extend the “mental shelf life” of games beyond the usual 1 or 2 week exposure they’re normally treated to.

Unfinished Biz2 570x249 Unfinished Business: PAX East, FPS Fatigue and RPG Overload

Lee Clontz, Staff Writer

My short, shameful confession: I have yet to finish Halo: Reach. I played it heavily when it first came out, banged out a decent amount of multiplayer and then got sidetracked with Black Ops (the single player of which I’ve also yet to finish), finally finishing Mass Effect 2 and my eternal mistress, Rock Band 3. As much as it kills me to say it, I’m getting burnt out on the whole FPS genre. There’s an increasing sameness to them — the regenerating health, the two weapons, the big set pieces — that’s kinda leaving me flat these days. It’s so rare to find one that actually does something genuinely new that I think after I finish Reach I’ll take a sabbatical from them for a month or two. Really hoping that Duke Nukem Forever brings some goofy fun back to a genre that has gotten a little too overwrought and, dare I say it, boring.

[Editor’s Note: If you feel the same way Lee does, put Bulletstorm on your radar!]

Daniel Wise, Reviews Editor

Despite the fact that Dylan totally ruined the ending of Final Fantasy XIII in an internal email, I’m still determined to bulldoze my way through that game.  I originally started it a year ago on the Xbox 360, but I’m starting fresh now that I’m playing it on the only acceptable system, the PS3 (flame retardant, ACTIVATE!). I love the combat system, and I’m hoping to eventually earn a platinum trophy from it.

As far as my back-log goes, it pretty much consists of my entire Wii library. However, I will go into detail about one particular game, which originates from the Gamecube era. I’m talking about the chilling scare-fest that is Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. I’m hoping to get the perfect ending eventually, and it’s a shame that this game has sat in my library unbeaten for so long. I originally got turned on to this game by a friend of mine, but eventually ended up taking the plunge after discussing it with a professor at my alma mater, Dakota State University (shout out to my golden boys in the game design program). The way he described the combat and magic system was enough to push me to pursue this wonderful gem of a game. Oh, and it’s a complete mind-f@ck.

Dylan Garner, Staff Writer

I just got Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds earlier in the week. Hopefully I’ll be able to work on that a bit and find a team that I’m comfortable with. Right now I have Deadpool, Akuma, and Hulk, but I’m iffy on whether it is going to work out well. I may also revisit Super Street Fighter 4 to see if my skills develop anymore from playing another game. Like Daniel, I may head back to some Final Fantasy XIII, but I on the other have already finished it (shame on you Daniel). The endgame in Final Fantasy XIII is a lot of grinding, specifically on the Adamantoise on near the end at Edenhall. The basic strategy behind it is to get lucky with Vanille using Death, and it doesn’t even drop all the time. However it’s rare drop is used for getting the best weapons for every character, and I still have 3 or 4 more to upgrade, so that will definitely keep me busy.

Kevin “Xzyliac” Hummons, Staff Writer

Oh man, I’m probably going to finish Bullet Witch. Is this an opportunityto chat up Bullet Witch? YES! For those not in the know Bullet Witch was released around the launch of the 360 to scathing reviews, probably some of the worst of this gen if not the worst, and for those reasons it didn’t have a very long shelf life. Ultimately all Bullet Witch was an attempt to pander to Eastern gamers anyway.  Oh, and it’s awesome. The premise is you’re this witch with a gun and you shoot the bad guys and use your witchy powers to clear the stage and shoot more bad guys and get more witchy powers. It’s just kinda charming, for reasons I really can’t decipher. The characters range between awesome and cheesy and there’s a campy little post-apocalypse story. It feels like a beta for a really good game. Somewhere beneath the insane lack of polish is a solid and stylish third-person shooter. It has faults but if you just approach it knowing this is a game that probably got shoved out the door about 60%-75% into development, you spend less than $15, and you already know you’re the kind of player who can love something universally panned, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Also, I’ll say it: The protagonist Alicia Claus is sexy.

Casey Sheldon, Staff Writer

Most of my backlog consists of titles I enjoy so much that I never get around to finishing them. Disgaea 3 had several DLC episodes that I never played through, mostly because I was busy raiding the infinite dungeons. 3D Dot Heroes is mindless fun but I tend to lose sight of the quests and end up just wandering around and killing things. Persona 3 is one that I’ve played partly through many times (on two different platforms at that), but always end up restarting to fix my social links.

Brian Shea, Associate Editor

From PAX East: I’m playing all the games you wish you were playing with all the people you wish you could be playing them with.

[Editor’s Note: Brian Shea is a bastard, but we still love him]

What’s on YOUR stack of shame playlist this weekend?


  1. Though far from being an older game, I’m playing my *FIRST EVER* Pokemon game this weekend…(White Version)

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