Unlimited Ammo #36: Dissecting the Ouya (aka “The Minecraft blowjob”)

 Unlimited Ammo #36: Dissecting the Ouya (aka The Minecraft blowjob)In a one of our rare Extra! podcasts, we take some time to discuss the new Kickstarter project, Ouya. The new console swept through its modest $950,000 goal in record time, and gamers are buzzing across the web. Jen, Jason and Dylan are joined by Sam from HardwareLust, Dan Tack, and Kevin Dent to dissect the console and its chances of survival. Kevin also weaves in several colorful anecdotes and memorable stories from his time in the industry, and you’ll know every name he drops.

If you follow Kevin on Twitter, you may be aware he’s a rather opinionated fellow. Putting him and Jen on a cast together means you should probably be prepared for a few f-bombs here and there. Also, harsh language.

Curious to learn about Kevin’s game? Well, you should be! You can learn more about Rekoil on their official site. Also, we’re snagging Kevin for our future “all-shooter” podcast later this year, so stay tuned for that!



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  1. agreed, its a nonstarter not even going to be sold in stores

  2. I loved the show, and I firmly believe that every piece of criticism you heaped upon the OUYA was deserved.

  3. kristen maxwell says:

    wow, you guys are a bunch of jaded assholes :)

  4. kristen maxwell says:

    You make a lot of godo points, but the attitude that “this is not doing things the same way that is successful now for other market participants” is saddeningly myopic.

    I think you’re thinking of it the wrong way. They’re not setting their sights on being the next Xbox. At a $99 pricepoint, they are aiming at a different market. The sub-wii market. The market that actually enjoys indie development for the contents of the games, not so much the expensive aesthetics that have made development so expensive.

    There were good old days, if you look at it from the perspective of variety of ideas, more than 4 available genres, and the experience of the actual consumers of the games. Yes, its always been about business, but there actually *is* a market for non-corporate/lowest-common-denominator games, whether the term “indie” has jumped the shark or not.

    I don’t disagree that their business acumen seems lacking and that they could easily fail given your assumptions. but i think its worth looking at the assumption that perhaps they’re not trying to do what you think they’re trying to do, so maybe the can succeed in a different market that values different things in gaming.

    you know, kinda like VGW did :)

  5. This podcast is littered with bad asumptions and technical errors. Most of the Ouya discussion was mostly about your lack of trust in Kickstarter not so much the product. “We also run a tech site.” Really? The Galaxy S3 does have Bluetooth 4 support. So does the iPhone 4S, HTC One X, One S, Evo 4G LTE and Droid RAZR. All flagship smartphones going forward will support Bluetooth 4. Cookoo specifically states Galaxy S3 support on the Kickstarter page. For things like the Cookoo and Pebble, Bluetooth 4.0 is essential.

    NVIDIA sells Tegra 3 for $15-$21 to OEMs. It does not cost $25 to manufacture a Tegra 3 chipset.

    “They’re assuming $70 for the console. $30 for the controller.” No you are assuming. Comparing Ouya to similar BOM of smartphones reveals different numbers. Tegra 3 $21, 8GB flash $13.50, 1GB DRAM $9. That’s $44 for major components of the console. Without factoring in motherboard, case, or cost of assembly. There could easily be $50-$50 split between console and controller.

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