Unlimited Ammo #46: This Cabin’s By Invitation Only

Breastmissiles2 610x406 Unlimited Ammo #46: This Cabins By Invitation Only

This will make sense in due time. Promise.

Join Jason, Jen, Jim, Scott and Dan as we discuss The Secret World‘s less than stellar sales numbers and the wonder that is Guild Wars 2. Dan offers some great insight into why the MMORPG is superior to others on the market and what non-MMORPGers can look forward to. They also discuss evidence that Sony may be eschewing the NA market for EU, and the sexy beast that is the Call of Duty: Black Ops II CE.

The biggest revelation though is from Jen, whose disappointment of the week is herself, admitting her excitement over Resident Evil 6. She’s seen the ridiculous snake boss trailer and heard the horrid dialog (“God must really hate us today!”) and despite hating zombie games, she’s excited. Yes, we’re all very disappointed in her.

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  1. Julio Mendoza says:

    HI JEN!

    Fun story. I was listening to the podcast on the bus and when you said that I laughed kinda loud-ish and the people around me looked at me with a face of “WTF is wrong with him?”, you know, more than usual….

    Anyway, great episode but it had too much Guild Wars 2. I’m not a PC player (not by option, but for money) and I have never liked MMOs that much. So, a little less extension for next time will be fine.

    About Sony Europe, it’s not only Sony… wait for it… Nintendo of Europe gets/does better stuff all the time: Xenoblade, Last Story, Pandora’s Tower, Some 3DS VC games, the TLOZ SS soundtrack came in a separate box, just like the 25th anniversary Mario soundtrack, among others… But I don’t get that mad (only a little about the Zelda thing) because they had the short end of gaming for years, so it’s nice hat they get something better every now and then.

    RE6… I still don’t recover from the disappointment that was RE5 so… MEH.

    I won’t say a thing about the Wii U until after september 13th (I’ll try)

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