Unlimited Ammo #47: Functional, but not fully operational

DeathStar 300x300 Unlimited Ammo #47: Functional, but not fully operationalFueled by the Fox Engine and many beers, Jason, Jen, Jim, Russell and Scott defend Valve’s $100 submission fee for Steam Greenlight, discuss Resident Evil 6, and analyze the ongoing “single player vs multiplayer” issue that EA’s Frank Gibeau dredged up.

Plus, in a dramatic turn of events: someone at VGW will actually defend Nintendo.

All this and more on episode 47 of Unlimited Ammo!

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  1. Julio Mendoza says:


    The Valve thing asking for $100 is ok, to prevent stupid people to put any crap in it. But I gues $50 would work too…

    About Frank Gibeau’s sayings, I don’t know…SSX didn’t have a proper multiplayer if I’m not mistaken and it worked, I guess he was talking about things like Autolog and Battlelog.

    RE6… meh, I prefer to watch the movie, only for Sienna Guillory.

    Skyrim problems, the only problem I had with it is that I played like 30 minutes and I liked it, but I don’t have a good computer.

    AND, I said I didn’t want to talk about the Wii U, but you guys made me.
    Ok, the 3DS had a lot of buzz before launching and it sold a lot at $250 but 4-5 months without games hurt the sales and that was the reason for the price drop. With Mario 3D Land at launch the 3DS would probably be still at $250.
    The Wii U bundles. I think that
    $250: Cheap Bundle: Console + NintendoLand
    $300: Standard Bundle: Console + NintendoLand + Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuck
    $350: Pro Bundle: Console + Pro Controller + NintendoLand (maybe a digital copy of it) + Maybe a Wii Remote Plus with Nunchuck + Ninja Gaiden III (which is published by Nintendo and makes more sense that ZombiU)

    And about who will get a Wii U, I look at the bright side of having a site doing reviews for me. :)
    BUT, I could do my own reviews… and with a lot of digital games it would be much easier *wink wink*

    I think that’s all the subjects…

    Oh, the someone will defend Nintendo was false advertising. It wasn’t clear enough… ;)

    And since next week is the Wii U event on THURSDAY I hope that you guys record after it, to have impressions and stuff. I DEMAND IT!

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