Unlimited Ammo #48: Nintendo Wii U Launch Roundtable

wii u black Unlimited Ammo #48: Nintendo Wii U Launch Roundtable

Jen, Anne, Russell, Scott and Jason engage in a roundtable discussion focused on the Nintendo Wii U launch details. The podcast crew analyzes the launch window games, the merits of the hardware, the strategic pricing, and much more. Join us for a special edition of Unlimited Ammo devoted to Nintendo’s next console!


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  1. Julio Mendoza says:


  2. Julio Mendoza says:

    Apparently my preventive angry comment was uncalled for. This podcast was very nice… I can’t believe it.

    First, thanks for taking the suggestion and recording on thursday to talk about the Wii U instead of the “new iphone”.
    Second I’ll just give all my opinions instead of replying to specific comments on the podcast… ummm…. yeah….

    Price: Honestly, though the price was in my range of predictions I think that the Delxe model may be a little expensive, sure it has a bunch of stuff that add a lot of value… for the US. Nintendo TVii and the Nintendo Network Premium thing are things that will work only in the US for a while. I mean, the 3DS eshop is country locked, meaning that I have to buy prepaid cards online to use the american store because it’s not available in Chile AND I REFUSE TO USE THE MEXICAN STORE. But I digress (I hope I used that phrase well) I will have to pay around $500 USD for the Deluxe edition with limited stuff to do. But it’s ok, I’m used to that kind of stuff for living in the southern hemisphere.

    Launch date: I don’t care that much, BUT this semester I have to start my thesis and, man, I have to show this semester’s report two weeks after that… BUT (again) Reggie said that they can’t assure the launch date for other countries… AND IT’S FREAKING NINTENDO OF AMERICA, NOT NINTENDO OF UNITED STATES GODDAMMIT… sorry…

    The games: So, you can see that I’m not a blind fanboy, I don’t give a fudge about Nintendo Land or Pikmin 3, the only way to sell me on New Super Mario Bros. U is online multiplayer and it doesn’t look like it has it, SiNG Party could be interesting to add to my rhythm-music game collection, Game & Wario… why not call it Wario Ware?, I think I’ll buy Bayonetta 2 to piss off all the butthurt idiots out there, I’ll wait for the Ninja Gaiden 3: RE review, Lego City looks super fun and The Wonderful 101… I’ll see the reviews too.

    As for 3rd parties, I think I said it enough, but hey, it already is a long comment.
    Fifa 13 got me at hello; Mass Effect 3 stares at me with lust and desire… hehe; Madden 13…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA; Toki Tori 2 and Runner 2 are sequels for two amazingly fun games that I will get; Batman… I will see that one first just like darksiders II; Assassin’s Creed III and Black Ops II must be mine even if they don’t have special editions; ZombiU… I’ll wait for the review too; Scribblenauts looks interesting; Tekken TT2 dude, the Nintendo costumes look awesome, but I have played Tekken only once; Rayman Legends is slowly gaining me with the rhythm stages; and I heard somewhere that Farming Simulator 2013 is coming too. OMG SYSTEM SELLER!

    What else could I say?
    Oh, I expect more details about the eshop, about the Wii Shop stuff transfers, what Wii games will not be playable on the Wii U and I REALLY WANT A SMASH BROS. TEASER!!!! GAAAAHHHH!!!!

    If I forgot something please tell me.

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