Unlimited Ammo #50: The Fall Games Preview Hour

microphone 300x300 Unlimited Ammo #50: The Fall Games Preview HourThe 50th installment of Unlimited Ammo is here! Join Jen, Jim, Scott and special guests Adam Greene from Marooner’s Rock, Max Parker from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and Kyle Gaddo from The GamingVault this week as they present a preview of this fall’s games. They discuss October’s insane release schedule and reveal lots of love and excitement for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Max reveals he’s excited for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and Adam confesses his adoration of the Halo franchise.

The Wii U’s release schedule is discussed, and the group gushes about the Mass Effect Trilogy. But the most important thing is how Konami’s NeverDead continues to haunt this podcast. Seriously, at this point Bryce may as well be our (un)official mascot. We can’t explain it either, folks.



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  1. Julio Mendoza says:

    October… I’m only getting Pokémon Black 2 because I payed for it way back in july….
    Also I can take a pkmn heartgold…

    XCOM… Strategy games are my weak point because I don’t have the patience to do any strategy; RE 6 will probably suck, it’s going in the same direction as 5 and I didn’t like that one; AC III, I’ll get it in november *hint hint*; I would like to play PS Smash Bros to form a better opinion, but nobody I know will get it, actually almost nobody is getting new games not even ACIII, RE6 or BlopsII…. weird….
    Hmmmm… I would like to play MoH Warfighter, I started playing military shooters with the franchise.

    November is Wii U month, but I forgot about Paper Mario so I’ll get that in january, I hope.
    And in december I’ll be so broke that I will run away from the country.

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