Unlimited Ammo #51: The Overwatch Hour

can we talk about xcom yet 300x187 Unlimited Ammo #51: The Overwatch Hour

“Hey, can we talk about XCOM yet?” ~Everyone but Jen.

And we’re back in business! This week, Jen, Jason, Jim, Russell and Scott return to discuss the latest Nintendo ad campaign, BioShock: Infinite and the Halo 4 leak. Jason, Jim and Scott reveal that they are obsessed with XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Seriously obsessed, people. Jen long ago abandoned hope of ever controlling this conversation.

Eventually, plans for Extra Life are also discussed, and Jen reveals some surprising information about Silent Hill: Book of Memories.


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  1. Julio Mendoza says:

    Finally you guys, and girl, are back!!!

    So, about the things of the week.
    The Halo 4 leak:… HA! It itsn’t new, when I had my 360 I always saw new games a couple of weeks earlier in the sharing sites, but I never got them because I was catching up with all the other older games… and because I don’t enjoy pirating stuff. I ended up using it to test Rock Band DLC and if I liked it, I would go and buy it on my Wii and then I deleted it from the 360.

    Bioshock Infinite…. MEH… I didn’t like what I played of one ( it didn’t helped that the disc was busted and it couldn’t advance from certain point.

    The Nintendo campaign… I can’t say much because I haven’t seen it because it’s not for my country. But if Nintendo of America wants to say that they are an entertainment company, PUT A FREAKING DVD PLAYER ON THE CONSOLE!

    And XCOM… I don’t like strategy games because I suck at them and I didn’t understand much of the conversation but I enjoyed it anyway because I love when gamers get together to talk about games they like and spend hours and hours on it. Those conversations make me feel so good.
    But I can’t help myself and think about XCOM or any other strategy game being played in the Wii U GamePad.

    I hope that the next episode comes out normally though, I almost died without my dose of VGWs-ness.

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