Unlimited Ammo #52: The non-Maxing hour

This week on Unlimited Ammo, Jen, Jim, Scott, Russell and Max Parker discuss their feelings on the new BioShock: Infinite trailer, the Elder Scrolls Online hands-on impressions and Nintendo’s stance on selling the Wii U at a loss. The gang muses about the evolution of consoles as entertainment devices and how much they hate cable companies, while Max remains cautiously optimistic about the Wii U, but not about Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Scott manages to drag XCOM: Enemy Unknown into the mix again, and Max actually admits that something sucks not once, not twice, but thrice!



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  1. Julio Mendoza says:

    Hello!!! You made my voting trip very not-boring… hehehe…

    Bioshock…. meh… I insist….

    ESO…. meh too… about WoW I’m kinda thankful for not having a good computer, because that way I can’t get addicted to it.

    Wii U at a loss… kind of expected, that controller costs like 170 usd in Japan, that’s half the price of the console.
    The whole cable stuff…. it’s more important and relevant and used in the US, the rest of the world doesn’t have that much use of that, I think.
    Although, for teh lolz, I would love to see the Wii U having HBO exclusively…. LOLOLOL

    I used to loved MOH so much… those were the days….

    Anyway, kinda busy now. Elections and all. Bye!

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