Unlimited Ammo #53: The Assassin’s Fable Hour

This week on VGW’s Unlimited Ammo podcast: Jmicrophone 150x150 Unlimited Ammo #53: The Assassins Fable Houroin Jen, Scott, Jim, Russell, Adam Greene from Marooner’s Rock and Max Parker from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as they ponder the effectiveness of Halo 4’s permanent bans and the future of inappropriate online behavior. They also discuss the future of LucasArts now that it’s in the hands of the dreaded mouse.

But the heart of the conversation is wondering whether Assassin’s Creed is the next Fable, and why Ubisoft’s online policies don’t come under heavier scrutiny.



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  1. Julio Mendoza says:

    I prefer not to comment this week…

  2. Scott Grill says:

    Apologize for the coughing during the podcast. Still getting over a cold and I couldn’t always hit the mute button quick enough. I was coughing a whole lot more than you heard in this week’s episode.

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