Unlimited Ammo Podcast Special: The Wii U Intervention (Video Version)

wii u deluxe set 150x150 Unlimited Ammo Podcast Special: The Wii U Intervention (Video Version)Tonight, on a very special “Unlimited Ammo” — As Jason struggles with the inexplicable compulsion to purchase a Nintendo Wii U, Jennifer and Samantha host an intervention to prevent tragedy and buyer’s remorse. But as Jason begins to recognize reason, will Max Parker’s 11th hour argument put Jason over the edge and into the realm of inexplicable Nintendo fanboyism? Find out right now, on one of our lengthiest and most heated episodes to date!

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About Jason Evangelho

Jason is VGW’s founder, publisher, and longtime podcaster, writer, and “solopreneur” who is driven by the classic Jello Biafra quote “Don’t hate the media. Become the media.” You can hear him ranting alongside the VGW Collective in the site’s official podcast, “Unlimited Ammo.”


  1. Julio Mendoza says:

    It doesn’t matter Jason, we could make our own video podcast via Wii U Chat, with hookers and gambling.

    And I didn’t get crazy watching, my decision is made, Wii U is preordered along with AC3 and FIfa13, I’m trying to fight less about gaming and such (key word being less) because at the end of the day they are just videogames… SRS BSNS.

    The most fun was to see the process of getting drunk of Jim, reminded me of my brother.

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