Unlimited Ammo #57: The Annoyed Gamer Hour

marcus beer 300x300 Unlimited Ammo #57: The Annoyed Gamer Hour

Marcus Beer, aka The Annoyed Gamer

This week the VGW podcast crew gets a heavy dose of brutal honesty to augment their “State of the Consoles” discussion: Unlimited Ammo welcomes Marcus Beer, aka The Annoyed Gamer.

Marcus, Jen, Jason, Scott and Russell jump into a no-holds-barred analysis of Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony as we edge closer and closer to a true next-generation of consoles. Has Microsoft abandoned the hardcore gamer? What has happened to Sony’s amazing lineup of first-party exclusives? Will it take more than Nintendo’s usual “console-selling” favorites for the Wii U to succeed? The conversation gets heated, so listen up and chime in!

A veteran of the gaming industry (both journalism and PR), Marcus can be found in a pub hosting the Annoyed Gamer podcast, and dishing out truth on GameTrailers’ Invisible Walls.



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  1. Julio Mendoza says:

    I think that we need Apple to buy every gaming company in the world and then put steam on a big mega console and then we could all be slaves of them and stuff…

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