Unlimited Ammo #64: The Phoenix Down Hour

The Unlimited Ammo podcast crew discusses the tragic THQ sales, Nintendo’s Wii U announcements, DmC: Devil May Cry, and Dirty Dancing…




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  1. Julio Mendoza says:

    I had the time of my life…

    It’s a shame what happened to THQ, but they deserved it because they published Quest 64…

    Nintendo announcements were nice, I never played Wind Waker so I hope I can get it now, I’ll pass on Yoshi Yarn because meh, Mario Kart needs to be VERY good to make me go back (Wii was kinda just ok and 7 doesn’t have Waluigi), 3D Mario depends on my budget but I like those, SMT X FE it’s cool and it’s listed an an RPG so I wanna look at that, W101 looks so much better than previous trailers, Bayonetta 2… dat ass…, SMASH BROS OMG I WANT IT SO BAD, and Monolith’s game looked AMAZING.

    Also Nintendo should buy Vigil and Darksiders, I mean they could collaborate with Retro and HHHNNNNGGGGG….

    And I never felt this way before…

  2. Anyone know when the show is coming back? Almost a month since episode 64…

    • Our latest episode is up and ready for your listening/viewing pleasure! http://t.co/d6T8M4GKT6 As you can see, we’ve gone through a few changes on the site, but now that things have settled down we’ll be returning to our regular podcasting schedule. Thanks for listening!

  3. Thanks for the reply, Anne. Do you know why the shows aren’t being added to itunes or RSS feeds anymore? I subscribe to you via Beyond Podcast on my phone and it hasn’t updated since episode 64.

    Hope you can fix it :)

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