Valve announces easy to use puzzle creation tools for ‘Portal 2′

portal2 logo dark 300x240 Valve announces easy to use puzzle creation tools for Portal 2If you’re anything like us, you enjoyed Portal 2 a lot, but since you beat it, you may have hung up your Portal Gun in favor of a Batarang, M-92 Mantis, or Daedric Mace. Sure, Valve has released the “Peer Review” co-op DLC, but outside of that, fans have been forced to relive the puzzles of the first two games if they needed to get in their daily testing requirement.

Today, however, Valve has announced the official release date for its highly anticipated simple puzzle creation tools. The Perpetual Testing Initiative will allow players to easily create, share, and play custom puzzles.

The free downloadable add-on will enable puzzle builders to publish custom levels directly to Steam Workshop, where other players can browse for ones to play. There will also be a voting system that will allow for players to easily find the best mind-bending puzzles. Valve will also allow for select puzzles to automatically download to players’ Portal 2 game, making this content release even more exciting.

No word on if anything will be coming down the pipeline for PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 users, but fans would certainly appreciate Valve releasing a few “Best of” packs onto PS3 and Xbox 360 not unlike Harmonix does for Rock Band Network tracks for PlayStation 3. The Perpetual Testing Initiative will go live for PC and Mac on May 8, 2012.

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