About VGW

Platform Agnostic

What the heck does that mean? We believe that stellar games and unique experiences exist across all gaming platforms. While lack of money is a good reason to not own everything, it doesn’t excuse a closed mind.

News Coverage

We’re here to be Video Game Writers, not Video Game Re-Writers. If we decide to cover a news story, it won’t be a simple rewording of a press release or a story on another site. Our vision is to instead of covering “Feature X was announced for Game Y,” cover news as “Why Feature X will make Game Y awesome.” This way, you know that every article you read on VGW is unique to the site.

Review Policy

We see reviews as a way to give you a general overview of a game’s pros and cons. Because of this, our reviews will stick right around 400 words, so you can get in, learn about the general gist of the game, and move along. At the bottom of some of our reviews, you will find related stories that will allow you to read more about a particular aspect of that game, if you so choose.

The Bottom Line

We’re here to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the gaming press. We don’t believe games have a two week shelf life, so why should our articles?  We do what we do in order to explore the games we love. We’re fueled by community interaction, not deadlines and web traffic. We’re here to encourage you to read past the headline and go beyond the review score.


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