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Brian Shea


Brian Shea is VGW's Editor-in-Chief and one of the founding members of the site. Brian has been heard on ESPN Radio, the Opie and Anthony Channel on Sirius XM, as well as several podcasts throughout the games industry. Brian’s work has appeared in the Official Xbox Magazine, GamesRadar, Kotaku,, and the Delmarva Daily Times.

russell The VGW Team

Russell Jones

Managing Editor

By day, Russell works in local TV news. By night, he plays and writes about video games for VGW and his personal blog, The Gentleman Gamer. An avid RPG fan, Russell can also be found plotting the demise of adventurers from behind a Dungeon Master's screen.  He can be heard weekly on the "Geek In Review" podcast.

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Mark Steighner

Associate Editor

Mark Steighner is an educator, composer, musician, playwright, musical theatre director and gamer living in the Pacific Northwest. A soon-to-be grandfather, Mark began gaming on his Timex-Sinclair computer with its amazing 8K of memory.

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Keith Mathias

Community Manager

Keith is an aficionado of all things narrative. When not gaming, he can be found with his nose in a book or tucked in the back of a movie theater, and will most likely be thinking about food. A lifelong fan of all things RPG, he currently spends most of his time working the current FPS landscape. He likes poetry, and a glass of scotch.

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Lucas Smith

Staff Writer

Ever since he first played Final Fantasy, Lucas has been an avid JRPG fan though he's also partial to MMOs and shooters. He one day hopes to find a game that surpasses his love for Chrono Trigger and can often be found playing it wherever he goes.

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Tyler Meier

Staff Writer

Tyler Meier was raised as a child of the controller and a graduate of business school. He's been sticking with gaming and similar hobbies since pixels were a repellant to civilized culture, comics were still on paperback, and dice with more than six sides were met with ridicule.

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Craig Munn

Staff Writer

When the games are switched off, Craig’s hard at work trying to break into the Film and TV industry as an aspiring sound editor. Strongly addicted to music games, when he’s not playing Rock Band he’s usually playing third-person shooters and JRPGs.

Sam The VGW Team

Sam Cline

Staff Writer

Sam Cline was born in Decatur, Illinois, but raised in Dallas, Texas. His initial love for meteorology (storm chasing) turned into a love for film and writing. He was raised an avid gamer. From NES and Super Mario Bros. 3 (the best one) to the Xbox 360 and the journeys of Master Chief, he’s been hooked for years. If you ask, he’ll never turn down a bout of Rock Band.

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Elliott Finn

Staff Writer

Elliott Finn is an entertainment journalist, blogger and aspiring science-fiction author, currently studying English at the University of Exeter. He is a Staff Writer for VGW, and runs his own blog called The Nerd Network. His work can also be seen on Pxlbyte and Airlock Alpha. Elliott is based in the UK.

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Will Harrison

Staff Writer

Will Harrison was born in the wilds of Southeastern Ohio Appalachia. Some say you could hear the angels singing on that day. Whether or not that is true, once he received his B.S. in Communications Studies from Ohio University, Will moved to Toledo, Ohio in order to start a life and career in the news industry. When he isn't hard at work as a research assistant and midnight shift crime reporter at a newspaper, Will is usually found gaming.

 The VGW Team

Brien Bell

Staff Writer

Brien Bell is a Staff Writer for VGW, an Associate Editor for SonyRumors, and an Editor for Invisible Gamer. You will follow Brien on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and hear him every week on the Region Free Gaming podcast; it is your destiny.

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Dan Tunnicliffe

Staff Writer

In the red corner writing out of Cardiff, United Kingdom is Dan Tunnicliffe. Brought up on a strict diet of Sega, Dan requires the sustenance that video games provide to get through the week. From Fifa to Final Fantasy, Temple Run to Tomb Raider and Mario to Mass Effect, Dan has been appreciating games in all their forms since 1989.

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Matt Heywood

Staff Writer

Matt Heywood is the founder and EIC of Entertainment Buddha where he strives to make you a better geek, one post at a time!  He's the self-described guru of all things geeky, but gaming is his main mistress.  When he's not scouring the Internet for interesting nuggets of awesomeness he can be found in his secret lair enjoying the latest and greatest video games that the market has to offer.

 The VGW Team

Zac Taylor

Staff Writer

Zac Taylor is your typical gamer/movie buff/comic book nerd/music connoisseur/food lover/tech guru/avid reader from the very flat state of Oklahoma. Follow him on twitter for jokes that he thinks are funny (spoiler alert: they aren’t funny).

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A.J. Moser

Staff Writer

AJ has had a lifelong passion for videogames first spurred by Pokémon Gold and continuing ever since. These days, he mostly games on PC but never leaves home without his 3DS. AJ is currently studying and playing video games at Michigan State University.

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Brock Wilbur


Brock Wilbur is a Northwestern University graduate living in LA. He’s the screenwriter of several award winning feature films including the gamer thriller “Your Friends Close” and the book “FILMPOCALYPSE! 52 Cinematic Visions of the End.” He also writes online for The Junior Varsity, mxdwn, and The Script Lab. His standup comedy special “28 Years Later” is available through iTunes and Amazon, his podcast brock party is on iTunes, and you can find out more by visiting

Tate The VGW Team

Tate Steinlage


Tate Steinlage can best be described as a lover of video games, Sporting KC, USMNT, music and writing. Tate is currently a college student at Manhattan Christian College and Kansas State University studying Bible/Leadership and Mass Communications - Digital Media, respectively.

stu The VGW Team

Stu Strock


Stu lives for action-oriented and narrative-driven games. Forever changed after playing Metal Gear Solid as a boy, he tirelessly searches for those perfect gems that blend addictive, open-ended gameplay and an unforgettable story. His turn-ons include infinite-ammo bandanas and inventive boss battles.