When a Kickstarter turns against you: A conversation with Code Hero’s Alex Peake

primer labs alex peake crop When a Kickstarter turns against you: A conversation with Code Heros Alex Peake

Primer Labs’ Alex Peake.

The past 24 hours have been rough for Alex Peake and the rest of the team at Primer Labs. As the developers behind Code Hero, a serious lack of communication resulted in one of their Kickstarter backers, Dustin Deckard, reaching to the page’s comments section, and announcing that he was looking into the possibility of legal action against the team after the game had failed to show any signs of launching almost a year since the project was featured on the crowdfunding website.

I last spoke to Alex Peake around a month ago, as part of my interview series on developers who had taken part in the PAX Indie Megabooth. At the time, he was full of new ideas and promises for the game he was working on, and keen to kindle as much as excitement within readers as he could. Excitement that has turned sour of recent.

Alex posted a public apology on the Primer Labs website this morning regarding Code Hero. I would encourage you to read it before listening to what follows.

As far I saw it, the only fair way to investigate this was to circumvent anyone but Alex himself. I got in touch with him this afternoon, and we had a serious conversation concerning what happened yesterday, where the game is at present, and what will be happening in the future. My sole apology is that the quality could have been better. However, I do not feel that it detracts from the value of what is being said. There is no source more valuable than the verbatim words from the company’s CEO himself.



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  1. This event was a really unfair demonizing of the Primer labs in terms of progress on their Kickstarter. I’m glad to see that Alex seems to be taking this in stride and continues to work towards making what looks like it will be a fantastic product.

  2. It’s been a week and there’s been no new alpha release or even any updates from Peake about the project. I think it’s safe to say that Code Hero is dead in the water.

    • I have a bad feeling about this — he needs to be held accountable. Is Alex a truly passionate — but procrastinating — developer, or merely a con man?

      • It’s difficult to know, but looking at his previous projects, they’ve all been cancelled: historical precedent suggests that he could well be. I’m a backer, so I would like more than anyone for him to be ‘passionate.’

        No matter what the truth is, this whole affair has made me realize the risks of Kickstarter. I’ve been put off the community as a whole, and don’t think I’ll be backing any more projects…

      • former roommate unnamed says:

        If alex is a conman, then he’s a hardworking, coding conman. I lived with the guy for quite some time, and he was glued to his programs. Any failures of his projects can be attributed to less-than-evil character flaws. (I’m a staunch agnostic, but—>) I pray for the success of this project. I pray for him increasing his ability to take a break to pay attention to and humble himself before the perspectives of those around him.
        He’s incredibly smart in some ways, but needs to chill out sometimes in order to be receptive to constructive criticism. It is quite possible that he has changed significantly in this matter. I am not privy to his personal changes of the last years.

  3. Really hard to listen to. A transcript would be helpful.

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