Where to find a Nintendo Wii U on Sunday (if you didn’t pre-order)

IMG 2915 1024x768 300x225 Where to find a Nintendo Wii U on Sunday (if you didnt pre order)The Nintendo Wii U releases on Sunday, November 18, 2012, and you may have heard it’s sold out, like, everywhere. Well, we’re here to say that if you’ve got the determination, there are quite a few stores who will have both the Wii U Standard Edition and the Deluxe Edition in stock. Everyone with whom we spoke emphasized that quantities will be extremely limited so get there early! Oh, we also found out who won’t have them in stock so we could save you a drive and parking lot hell. Yeah, you’re welcome you procrastinators.

Confirmed stores

Best Buy : Midnight openings nationwide, so bring a warm coat! Check the website for participating locations.
Frys: Yes, first come first served basis. Both models in stock on Sunday at opening.
Target: Handful of units. (Buy 2 games get 1 half off)  The ones we called are stocking MORE Deluxe than standard. Tip: Call your local store on Saturday before closing to get a snapshot of what they’ll have in stock.
Kmart: Less than a handful of units at the 3 we called.
Toys ‘R’ Us Some TRUs will have additional (no pre-ordered) units on sale, but the stores we spoke with advised calling on Sunday to verify.

NO stock

Walmart — (the two Walmart centers we spoke to said it’s possible some stores may have it, but as of now, outlook not so good)
Gamestop – They’ve been sold out online for awhile now, but there is a chance your local GameStop might have one or two preorders who change their mind. I’d recommend calling before trotting down there.
Sam’s Club
Radio Shack

Know of any local places? Let us know in comments!

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  1. Jane Donner says:

    Thanks for the info. I’ve got preorder receipts in hand, but BTW if you are planning on going to best buy for a midnight release, check here first to see if your store is doing one:


    then click on the check for nov 18 midnight openings.

    Also, if you are looking to get some online, use this site:


    I got three preorders there for text alerts when in stock.

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