Wii RPG ‘Pandora’s Tower’ is finally coming to North America

pandorastower1 300x169 Wii RPG Pandoras Tower is finally coming to North AmericaXSEED Games announced today, nearly one year after the game’s release in Europe and Australia, that Pandora’s Tower will finally be making its way to North America. The action-RPG title is probably best known for being one of the three games Wii titles fans clamored to be released stateside along with The Last Story and Xenoblade Chronicles.

We got our hands on the PAL version last year, so we can say with confidence that this is definitely a game anyone with a Wii (or Wii U) interested in narrative storytelling and Japanese games should play. While it is arguably the least “polished” of the three Operation Rainfall titles, Pandora’s Tower is one of the more unique action-RPGs to come out this generation. The story features protagonist Aeron and the cursed Elena, who must be fed the flesh of monsters in order to not turn into a monster herself. Oh, did we mention she’s a vegetarian?

With multiple endings and dating sim-esque elements that see players bringing various gifts to Elena to raise her affection level for Aeron and The Legend of Zelda-like gameplay that centers around Aeron’s chain-whip weapon, Pandora’s Tower definitely a game that should be on everyone’s “to-buy” list.

Pandora’s Tower will launch in North America for the Wii this spring.

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