‘Wipeout HD’ headed to Vita this Spring; free for owners of PS3 version

wipeout hd neon screenshot big e1329407883579 300x272 Wipeout HD headed to Vita this Spring; free for owners of PS3 versionIt looks like Studio Liverpool’s stunning PS3 racer Wipeout HD is coming to the PS Vita. A recent post at the Playstation Blog promoting cross-platform features and free content opportunities for PS Vita owners may have outed the game.

We already knew that consumers buying Wipeout 2048 for the PS Vita would be able to play against PS3 owners, via the game’s cross-platform compatibility with certain Wipeout HD tracks. But the message from Sony today implies that the PS3 version of Wipeout HD is indeed coming to the Vita; best of all, it and its expansion pack Wipeout HD Fury will be free of charge to gamers who already own the PS3 versions.

Here is the exact statement:

If you purchase WipEout 2048, you will be able to download WipEout 2048’s DLC packs, WipEout HD and HD Fury for free when they launch later this spring (if you already own the PS3 versions).

A direct port of Wipeout HD isn’t possible on the Vita hardware — Studio Liverpool’s downloadable racer really pushes the PS3 graphics capabilities — so it may be a slightly downgraded version. This is still an incredible value for PS Vita owners, especially since Wipeout 2048 is one of the signature releases at launch.

We have an email into Sony for clarification and will follow up with you as soon as we hear back. Admittedly, we’ll leave some wiggle room for this being a poorly worded statement…it would make more sense that only DLC packs would be made available for free, but the way the statement is currently worded directly implies that Wipeout HD is coming to Vita.

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  1. Bob holdings says:

    This is true exept for the fact that all the content From the ps3 games will be DLC for 2048 fad opposed to standalone releases

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