Your Franchise Sucks: Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy logos 300x225 Your Franchise Sucks: Final FantasyWelcome to the second episode in our new bi-weekly series which focuses on why various, iconic franchises are actually garbage. Granted, some of them may be loving garbage, but garbage nonetheless. This is in no way meant to be a rational, critical examination of a franchise, but rather a group of gamers discussing their love and hatred, rational or not. This week, Final Fantasy goes under the knife.

This week, Jen and Jim are joined by Adam Greene from Marooner’s Rock, Kyle Gaddo from The Gaming Vault and Zack Reese from RPGsite to discuss the love and hatred that surrounds the Final Fantasy series. They discuss the glory that was VII, the copy/paste job that was X and the continued fan abuse that is XIII. Adam pleads with Square-Enix while Zack doggedly defends the joys of Japanese RPGs over Western RPGs. No, really!

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  1. Seriously…all this “sucks”, “doesn’t suck”, “it’s awesome”, “its not” bla bla bla….is just so baseless and senseless!
    When will humanity realize that OBJECTIVENESS DOESN’T EXIST except for the things such as “the sun is shining”, “I am alive”, “the water is wet” :D

    For example this guy says that Final Fantasy 8 is the worst FF and the worst game ever. Seriously, how come, I personally believe that Final Fantasy 8 is THE GREATEST GAME EVER MADE! And I don’t know where the heck did he get the information that FF8 is the most be-hated among the FF fans, since tons of other FF fans I’ve met in my life felt the same as I did.

    You see…it’s all a bloody matter of tastes!!!

    Don’t get me wrong, you’re funny and cool people with a PARTIALLY cool show, but instead of calling your show “Your franchise sucks!” could you use a bit a more polite, mature and reasonable title such as – “Why we don’t like your franchise”.
    And when talking about it, it would be nice if could be entirely subjective and always use expressions such as “I personally don’t like” rather than that objective, primitive and self-centered term “sucks”.

    Sincerely yours
    -Angry FF fan from Serbia :P

  2. There’s something immensely satisfying about listening to you guys slaughter a sacred cow of gaming to serve it up as a pile of steaming hate burgers. Looking forward to the next episode. :)

  3. Iain Murdock says:

    More opinion articles?
    I like opinions as much as the next person, but solid facts are nice aswell.
    It’s just overwhelming to see so-so many “X games sucks because I didn’t like Y”. As harsh a reality as it may seem, these brands are iconic for a reason as they still sell in their millions for a reason, Final Fantasy included in the marketing franchises cow milking money making gaming industry.

  4. This is completely idiotic I don’t agree with these opinions at all accept for maybe X-2 and 13 but beyond that complete stupidity. Why are they even allowed to talk final fantasy?

  5. And to further prove the stupidity they think there are more jrpgs now then there were back in the playstation 2 days which is completely false seeing as we get much less than back then jus sayin.

  6. Julio Mendoza says:

    Again I don’t have anything to say, because I barely played FF 3 I think, and Chrono Trigger, and with my lack of PS consoles… so good episode.
    Looking forward to Resident Evil.

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