Your Franchise Sucks: God of War

 Your Franchise Sucks: God of War

Welcome to the fourth episode in our new bi-weekly series which focuses on why various, iconic franchises are actually garbage. Granted, some of them may be loving garbage, but garbage nonetheless. This is in no way meant to be a rational, critical examination of a franchise, but rather a group of gamers discussing their love and hatred, rational or not. This week, we unleash a blood bath upon God of War.

Jen is joined by Adam Greene from Marooner’s RockKyle Gaddo from The Gaming Vault, Russ Pirozek of Digital Noob and Max Parker from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette to shout about Kratos. Despite agreeing that Kratos is not the most likable of characters, there’s a surprising amount of love this week for the big lunk. Also, Russ gives us our new favorite grading scale, and we discuss how much more blood could be added to the games.

(Editor’s note: We apologize for a few audio issues this week. Not sure what happened, but Jen is totally taking the blame for it. She has been subjected to 5 hours of Amy to make up for it.)


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  1. Julio Mendoza says:

    Good thing I listened to it while riding the bus or else I would have been in trouble for drinking so many times… but that wouldn’t affect me though since I’m neverdead… lololol

    Anyway… I have no comment here because I only played like 30 minutes of GoW3 and my thoughs were: MEH, I’d rather be playing Dante’s Inferno. But it was a lovely podcast as always, I enjoyed it a lot lot lot.

    Still Kratos is a jerk.

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