Your Franchise Sucks: Metal Gear Solid

mgs alert Your Franchise Sucks: Metal Gear SolidWelcome to the first podcast in our new bi-weekly series which focuses on why various, iconic franchises are actually garbage. Granted, some of them may be loving garbage, but garbage nonetheless. This is in no way meant to be a rational, critical examination of a franchise, but rather a group of gamers discussing their love and hatred, rational or not.

This week we welcome Adam Greene from Marooner’s Rock, Max Parker from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Kyle Gaddo from The Gaming Vault and our very own podcast host, Jen. They discuss the convoluted plot lines, game play, characters and yes, the cardboard box. Also, Kyle shows off his Snake impression, which we have to admit is quite good. The franchise still sucks but hey!

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  1. Julio Mendoza says:

    I’ve never played MG because I’m a Nintendo boy (I use the term boy loosely) and I’ve tried to get MGS: TTS but the thing is too damn expensive. Anyway, when I did play MGS on a friend’s house I died in 5 minutes… stupid PS controller, I hate it…
    So, as long as you don’t bash something I like, we are ok… hehe…

  2. Apparently, you guys just don’t like challenging games. Saying Snake Eater was unplayable is ridiculous, you must enjoy games like tic tac toe and call of duty. You think Metal Gear’s plot is convoluted? Try actually playing all the games first and realizing it has a truly deep and complex storyline. Go back to playing COD where you run into an area, kill everyone, run into the next area, kill everyone, then run into a final area, and kill 100 guys…YOU WIN!

  3. So you hated the story but then you whine about Raiden replacing Snake. I am sorry, but didn’t you hated the story already? If you cared about playing “Snake” then you liked the story.

    And they didn’t re-release MGS3 because it was UNPLAYABLE. It is a Japanese developers tradition to re-release their games with additions and we seen it with games in the past generations (example: Tenchu, Ninja Gaiden).

    On the “Likable Character” subject, did you ever read rich novels and literature? Each character in the saga represent a philosophical aspect of human nature. The game actually cares to show you how they develop and progress during the story. This ain’t a Call of Duty game where a character is just a “name” and a badass attitude.

    On the story being “shitty”, this is rather a taste. Judging by the game sales, at least 4 Million people would disagree with you right there. For example on my perspective, I see the story is quite good because of:
    a) It delivers messages and brings up topics for us to think and be enlighten on.
    b) Even though the story has too much imagination and crazy sci-fi elements, it is still connected to our real world and past political and history events. I actually learnt the Cold War history through Snake Eater (I live in the middle east and we did not study or knew about the existing of such war!)
    c) Characters are highly skilled but they are still can be connected to the player. Otacon is a great scientist but he is still an anime geek and very coward. Snake is a badass but still a pervert.
    e) Plot twist were shocking & mind blowing and they always meant to expand the story. It made people argue and do detective work to guess where series is heading which was great and appreciable.

    For the “oooh the game has too many cutscenes” well why not? This is supposedly a cinematic action game. Yes it is meant to be part-movie, part-gaming experience. You can’t hate a game because of what it is based on. It is like “hey, FIFA series is shitty because it has football in it”. You just have to accept this fact or just avoid the game if it isn’t your thing.

    Well I stopped the podcast at the 15 min mark. I did not like the level of discussion, it is just whining and the “attacker” side didn’t bother to bring up counter examples for the thing they disliked. All what I’ve heard is picking the series elements one by one and calling them shitty. Except for Mantis fight I guess unless that was sarcasm.

    • THANK YOU. These games had the most engrossing storyline and most realistic characters of any game franchise I’ve ever played. (I’ve played a lot) These scrubs probably skipped all the cutscenes because they were too long and they just wanted to play a call of duty game. Japanese games are so much better than western games. Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Contra, and the Mana series are all 1000x better than any western franchises.

  4. Hugh Jackman says:

    Well, Pittsburgh sucks, and you don’t see me making a whole, horrible article based on that. And that is a more-common agreement too. Anyway, yeah, people on the internet with access on voicing their opinions should stop abusing it, because really, nobody cares you don’t like the game, especially seeing as how a whole lot of people like it.

  5. People who don’t like Metal Gear Games: “A pseudo-realistic game where one man can’t simply shoot down an entire army? This are Hard! Need Call of Duty!”

  6. Alex Baker says:

    You can’t seem to appreciate a good game when you see it! I’m not going to go on a typing rage. Because I have my own podcast, my rage will be there. I will post the link here when it is up, the podcast will be on why Metal Gear is the most amazing series in video game history. Your podcast shouldn’t be aloud to exist.

  7. You guys are clueless, thats all i can say.

  8. Even the people defending the game are absolutely clueless about the series. I suggest all you guys go back to playing Gears of War and Call of Duty where all the characters are “badass”. Lol, all these people are the exact reason why the Western market is full of shitty explosion filled “action” games. The chick even admits she needs to kill things. Stupidity at it’s finest, lol.

    Like I said, go back to playing CoD.

  9. LOL SPEC OPS?! WOW… You are no gamer.

  10. Looks like the Butthurt Brigade is out. Tell me more about your valid opinions on a website, gamers.

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