Your Franchise Sucks: Nintendo Edition

Bob omb MKWii 150x150 Your Franchise Sucks: Nintendo EditionWelcome to our bi-weekly podcast, Your Franchise Sucks, which focuses on why various, iconic franchises are actually garbage. Granted, some of them may be lovable garbage, but garbage nonetheless. This is in no way meant to be a rational, critical examination of a franchise, but rather a group of gamers discussing their love and hatred, rational or not. This week, Jen, Jim,  Adam Greene from Marooner’s RockMax Parker from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Robert The DCD Workman celebrate the release of the Wii U the only way we know how — discussing why Nintendo franchises suck.

Believe it or not there is actually a lot of love on this podcast, despite Adam’s and Jen’s best attempts…

If you’ve been following us on Twitteryes, this is the podcast in which the phrase “Super Mario Galaxy is a terrible game!” gets uttered. Mmmhmmm.


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About Jen Bosier

Jen lives with her husband, daughter and super-villain cats. If she's not reading comics or engrossed in a WH40k novel, she's probably telling you which horror games you should be playing. She's a recovering member of the PC Master Race, and a reluctant Xbox fangirl. You can also find her on the Furious Fourcast.


  1. Julio Mendoza says:

    What a waste, no hate for StarFox (especially that piece of crap sf643d) F-Zero, Mario Party, the educational games…. I mean, the different Mario franchises could have been a whole podcast…
    besides talking about the cdi games is bullshit because Nintendo had nothing to do with them.

    Also Metroid other m, team ninja said that was actually nintendo who was in charge of the story, they just made the rest… so it is nintendo’s fault for that stupid story, but I do like the gameplay

    also fun story, when I first played Mario 64 I hated it, I found it boring as fuck, I learned to love it eventually but yeah I though it was mindless and stupid.

    also Mario Galaxy might be one of the finest Wii games, the gameplay, the mechanics all awesome. And I never had trouble with the camera.

    also no Wii Music hate??? COME ON!

    Oh, the thing why Nintendo makes more New Super Mario Bros. games is because they outsell Galaxy by 2,5 to 1 and Galaxy sold even less, so Galaxy might be awesome but they don’t sell that well.


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