‘Phantasy Star Online 2′ hits Vita in 2013, supports cross-platform play

pso2 300x238 Phantasy Star Online 2 hits Vita in 2013, supports cross platform playSony is diligently pushing the cross-platform capabilities of the PS Vita and PlayStation 3, and now Sega is giving us something to look forward to. Not only is Phantasy Star Online 2 being released for the PS Vita in 2013, but the same characters can be synced and used across both the PC and PS Vita versions.

The announcement came earlier today during the “Playstation Vita Game Heaven” event, a web broadcast produced by Sony which featured reveals from several developers, including Mega Man father Keiji Inafune.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the beloved Dreamcast title, a game that broke new ground in the console space for its multiplayer-over-dialup capabilities. The lead platform for Sega’s followup is the PC, but when PSO2 lands on the Vita in 2013, players will be able to use their characters on both the PC and the Vita, with progression and experience intact. Sega stated they’ll be using the same servers for both versions.

We don’t know if PC players will receive any type of discount on the Vita release, or if there will be a monthly fee associated with the Vita version, but it’s nice to see more developers reaching for this kind of cross-platform compatibility.

Sadly, Sega has not yet announced a North American release for Phantasy Star Online 2. Phantasy Star Portable and its sequel, both for PSP, sold extremely well in Japan but suffered stateside.

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  1. I have some fond memories of the DC version. Really hope this one isn’t pay to play, otherwise I really don’t think it’ll fly. I never shelled out for PSU multiplayer on the 360, and the single player is definitely not the greatest.

    • I bet they’ll try to pass it off as an “MMO” (it’s really not) and do the Hunter’s license fee again. *IF* it’s affordable (say 6 or 7 bucks per month) and *IF* they keep adding content to the game, I’d bite.

  2. I actually hope they go back to the original PSO in terms of an addictive single player experience that doesn’t need you to be online all the time (or at all) in order to enjoy the story. I’m not a big MMO fan (believe me, I’ve tried since the Meridian 59 days) and prefer solo adventuring/gridign over meeting up with friends and doing raids or PvP stuff.

    The PSU games were too jumbled in a few areas and the overall stories were a bit too weak for my tastes. Nevertheless, I’m holding out hope that Sega has listened to the gripes and is responding accordingly with a better narrative structure and less lame heroes to play as.

    We shall see, I guess.

  3. 由紀子 - BOLLEN9 says:

    Out of actual knowledge from testing in Alpha 2 I can state that this actually is more of an MMO then PSU. Sure it still lacks a bit in MMO qualifications, but you are now able to meet other parties in missions if you do missions that states “Multi-party area”.

    It’s a shame they didn’t make it fully open and so, but then again, making it instanced for Missions and lobbys reduces the load on the servers and allows for more players online on same server at the same time. During Alpha 2 the servers reached up to 23097 Online at the same time on Ship 01 (Server 1).

    Sure it had a few lag-spikes, but overall, the servers handled it fairly well.

    About pay-to-play, I think I have seen something about it,

    About adding content adrew, it’s only the NA/EU servers that doesn’t add much content. The JP servers adds new content ATLEAST once a month, sometimes more. There is also a ton of more events and such on the JP servers.

    GW, Don’t get your hopes up too much, so far there ain’t much info about any Single-player for PSO2, however, it’s still just in Alpha state with Beta coming out “Sometime before it’s hot” (Most likely before summer :P) and much can change.

  4. i think it a good idead for i can be at and on the go on my vita


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