‘Silent Hill: Book of Memories’ delayed until May 2012

silent hill memories4 300x168 Silent Hill: Book of Memories delayed until May 2012As of today, Amazon.com and GameFly both changed the release date of Konami’s Silent Hill: Book of Memories from (this Tuesday) to May 31, 2012 .The horror title was originally supposed to be a launch title for the PS Vita, but has since been delayed twice.  This shouldn’t be too surprising considering how many times Silent Hill HD Collection and Silent Hill: Downpour were delayed, but it does mean that March will not let gamers visit the iconic town three times in a row.

The Vita title will be the first shooter title in the horror franchise and has some long-time fans of the series scratching their heads over the odd design choice. Silent Hill: Book of Memories will feature a top-down display and will allow gamers to play as one of the iconic main characters from the series (James and Heather were featured rather prominently last year at E3). The “story” of the game will feature many key and memorable moments from the entire franchise as gamers attempt to rewrite their “Book of Memories,” which means that certain key events may be rewritten. And yes, Pyramid Head and the Nurses will make appearances. Often, I’m sure.

The Resident Evil franchise recently tried to reinvent itself as an online shooter with less than stellar results. Here is hoping that Konami is able to pull off this title which has, admittedly, decent potential. The real test will be how well the PS Vita touch features are integrated into the gameplay.

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